Kevin Borg is a well know name and face in the music scene and not just locally. He is an artist that has the talent, the charisma and he oozes confidence as soon as he hits that stage.

I remember the first time I met Kevin was at the MESC (It was the first time he had participating) whilst working backstage and I thought to myself- this is guy is so talented but what amazed me most was how humble he was and for me being humble is one of the best traits in an artist.

I decided to catch up with him to see what’s going on in his career

Who is Kevin Borg?

I was never that good at questions like these 🙂 but I guess Kevin Borg is a hard working artist / songwriter / producer who’s very determined on what he wants in both career and life.

 You have been in the music scene for quite a while now, apart from winning Sweden Idol what have been your 3 most memorable experiences so far?

My career actually started before that where I had the chance to start off on the popular show Kalamita thanks to Alfred Zammit, and after winning Swedish Idol I’ve had quite a lot of awesome experiences .. I have toured with over 400 concerts around the globe. Every new adventure is a great experience ! Working with Desmond Child , Richard Marx, Andreas Carlsson, Jörgen Eloffson is always a great experience when I know they have worked with the likes of Celine Dion, Aerosmith , Kiss, Bon Jovi, Backstreet Boys, N’sync, Britney Spears etc ..

 What or who inspires you musically?

I basically write from 2 to 4 songs a week since music is what I do as a main job as well so inspiration is a main factor in my career! I cannot really answer you on that one though since it’s very complex. Every song has its own story but I can tell you that since my mum is always in my thoughts, she helps a lot to give structural feeling to my songs.

 Apart from writing songs for yourself, you also write for other artists. Do you just write songs and choose which one’s you keep and which ones to give away? And how does it feel to listen to a song of yours being performed by someone else?

When I write songs for others, they are usually tailor-made so they are specifically written and composed for that specific artist. It’s a proud moment to see other artists perform your music and it’s a part of what I do and I love doing it !

When it comes to the music scene I see it as you can never really reach your peak, the sky is the limit….what are your goals as an artist?

You are definitely right … the sky is definitely the limit. I am really happy to have achieved 2 platinum albums , 2 gold singles , 3 Asian Grammy Awards  , 7 most sold albums in Japan, 11 number 1’s on the Itunes Chart WorldWide, a Billboard number 1 and very happy to have 3million who have listened to my songs on Spotify. I usually say having the best fans and colleagues in the world usually helps :). Although I have achieved this much I still want to reach new goals :).

What can we look forward to from Kevin Borg in the nearby future?

I am working on a great new project which involves my fans on choosing which songs they would want me to perform. I will be flying to Sweden soon again to work on some new material… I will be expanding my record company since we have new artists of interest and of course there are exciting times ahead that I am looking forward to share with them with the world !

I am sure everyone is looking forward to see/hear what you come up with next.



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