This year I got to experience Rockestra on a whole different level.

This year I was part of the backstage crew and I loved every second of it. Thank you Chris Mallia for having me once again on your team, I am truly grateful.

First of all I have to praise Mro.Sigmund Mifsud and Paul borg Bonaci for their spectacular artistic direction. This has got to be the best edition to date. The songs chosen where a mixture of classic and latest rock anthems which Mro Aurelio Belli so amazingly arranged for The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. Every time I heard the songs being played they gave me goosebumps and a feeling only live music can give you.

The opening acts Bernie & POD along with acoustic act featuring Kersten Graham, Kurt Vella St John, Yorika Attard, Shannon McEvoy, Nadine Fenech and Ben Darmanin warmed up the crowd exceptionally and prepared them to what was to be an unforgettable night. Guys you rocked that stage.

As for the main acts….wow…just wow. All the performers were amazing both on and off stage. You could truly see that these artists do what they do because it’s their passion and not just to be seen.

Mikaela,Tiziana and Carmelo you kicked off the show with a bang. Hearing the audience applaud you and singing along gave me chills.

Lara Dimech and Cheryl Balzan- the coolest looking gals. You did justice to Roadhouse Blues and Personal Jesus. You owned that stage and you slayed.

Kenneth Calleja, Leo Stivala ,Frank Calleja and Mikaela year after year you always deliver flawless performances. You come alive on that stage and make the audience come alive with you.

Nights in white satin was exceptionally executed by Brendan Jackson. I have loved your voice ever since I heard the first single release of Eve Ransom. Last night your performance was a home run.

Raquela you once again gave me goosebumps all throughout your performance and so did Diane Camenzuli. It always amazes me how one can have such a powerful voice on stage and then the softest voice off stage.

Chris Grech you sang the hell out of run to the hills and blew everyone away.

Klinsmann and the bands gave an exceptional show and performance with seven nations army by the white stripes.

Pawlu Borg Bonaci….what can I say…apart from being a great artistic director you are also one of the best show men this island has ever seen. Your stage presence is out of this world and your enthusiasm is infectious.

Ira Losco, Marc Storace , Mandy Meyer and Ray & The Characters all I can say is you are legends.

Konrad Pule you managed the bring the magic that coldplay create to the rockestra stage.

Hats off to the backing vocalists and the stage coach choir lead by Abigail Brown and Marika Mercieca. Their harmonies and voices were the cherry on the cake to all the songs.

Special performance by music veteran Bajzo along with Kenneth, Mikaela and Pawlu was one of the highlights of the night.

Gianni ,Daryl and Kenneth you brought Kiss to life on that stage, the performance was on point and a spectacular closing to an unforgettable show.

Last but not least a huge applause goes to all the musicians and The Malta Philarmonic Orchestra, Rockestra is so special and unique because of you. Oz and Jay you gave the show a cool and colourful commentary this year.

My utmost respect goes also to Mro.Sigmund Mifsud, the guy that had a dream , achieved and made what Rockestra is today. But please Sigmund stick to what you’re amazing at and do not try and pursue a singing career 😉

Until next year 🙂






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