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WE CAN RUN but we can’t hide, the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018 is back this Saturday and rehearsals have officially kicked off.

The Eurovision on this tiny island has always been a TABOO topic for discussion. Some are open about lovin’ it BEYOND BLUE HORIZONS, some claim to hate it but still watch it (kind of like a LOVE RENEGADE or their dirty little secret if you will), then there are a few that simply loathe it and get to a BREAKING POINT just by hearing the word Eurovision.

Either way most of Malta will be on their sofas watching the 16 SUPERNOVAS (with some being their FIRST TIME) performing their respective songs bringing BACK TO LIFE that stage at the MFCC once again.

Throughout the years we have seen an EVOLUTION with regards to the songs both musically and lyrically. This year there seems to be a good mixture of songs ranging from ballads to upbeat dance tunes that will get you singing along -Dai Laga ooh na na (Havana tune came to mind for some reason), A SONG FOR DAD which has the potential to become a sweet family anthem and a sexy ‘the weekend/50 shades soundtrack’ kind of tune like CALL 2MORROW. There will surely be one that tickles your fancy.

But which song will ROCKET its way to the top when voting time comes? Will it be a familiar face who ONE STEP AT A TIME gained the experience for Eurovision and performing in front of large crowds throughout the years like last year’s Queen Diva Claudia Faniello or will it be a new face who will TURN IT UP a notch and take the reign instead?

Like previous years I am sure that PBS will be putting up a marvellous show for both those attending at the MFCC and all those watching the show from home. I have no doubt that the hosting will be entertaining with Colin Fitz and his charisma. This year PBS have also moved with the times and have entrusted bloggers Sarah Zerafa and Blog by Grazielle Camilleri to bring the backstage magic and latest updates to all Eurovison fans via photos and vlogs on their Instagram pages (links below) … so be sure to check it out.
I’m also looking forward to see what Lovin Malta Daniel Azzopardi and Valentina Rossi‘s live blogging on the night will consist of.

I would like to wish the best of luck to all performers and may they have a HEART OF GOLD to get them through all the competitiveness going on behind the scenes. May the best song win 😊 | | |

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