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So earlier this year Red Electrick announced that frontman Matthew had decided to part ways due to personal reasons and that Joe Roscoe would be stepping in instead.

Matt had been the voice on all Red Electrick tracks so my first thought when the announcement was made was that REK’s sound will definitely not be the same without him. Good or bad that’s for you decide. I sincerely wish Matt the best of luck for his upcoming musical ventures and am sure that we will hear some amazing stuff from him hopefully sooner rather than later.

So who is Joe Roscoe?

Mr.Roscoe is a talented singer/songwriter and musician in his own right, he was infact REK’s supporting act at their concert last summer at the Pjazza Teatru Rjal in Valletta and also recently at Ira Losco’s concert at the Hilton a few months ago. Some of you may have also seen him at last year’s edition of the Farsons Beer Festival. He has a voice that would give Ed Sheeran a run for his money.

I have no doubt that with the talents of the rest of the REK team (Peter,Ivan,Jonas ,Rob and Ale) , Joe will add a new fresh twist to the mix and am looking forward to have a listen to the new material they were working on the last couple of weeks in L.A.

In the meantime here is a glimpse of what the REK boys have been sharing on their social media accounts.



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