We live in a world where women are constantly being judged, be it about their looks,their success,their failures,their ambition…we face it all. We fall and we get up stronger. We have learned to accept certain behavior towards us because we have been told that boys will be boys.

But we should teach our sons to treat women with the respect they rightfully deserve, to not look down on women but look up to them and treat them as equals. We should teach them that house chores are not just for women, that having a family and kids is not the ultimate and only goal for them, and to love them unconditionally the same way they would want their mother,sister or daughter to be loved and not judge them.

Let’s teach our daughters to never give up, to be ambitious, to work hard to reach their goals as nothing should be handed to them, to learn from their failures and not let them bring them down and to celebrate their weaknesses as well as their strengths as that is what makes them one of a kind.

Us women need to appreciate each other more and not bring each other down whenever we can, she may be prettier,skinnier,more successful but she is not you- you are unique and that’s what makes us all so special. No one can understand more the path we walk on than a fellow woman who walks on the same path. WE have to start making the changes for others to follow.

So next time you see a woman succeeding, congratulate her and the next time you see a woman having a bad day smile or compliment her. A simple gesture in this world full of darkness can be the light one needs to shine again.


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