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The Crowns are definitely not a new name to the local music scene. With a successful album under their belt and a string of awards to their name, the boys are back with a new single ‘Paint The Sky’ which will be launched with a music video on the 4th of June So I caught up with them to see what’s brewing.


You’ve been together for 8 years now and you’ve had a lot of successes. How did you all start out?

Victorio and Gianluca had met in a band during 2009 but the band dissolved at the start of winter. This was Victorio’s first experience with a live band and he liked the vibe of it all so much that soon after he contacted Gianluca and told him he wanted to form a new band. Gianluca had just the right candidates to fill in for bass (Chris) and drums (Luke), which he both knew separately. So he brought everyone together and The Crowns was formed, originally in a 4 piece line-up.

What have been your memorable moments so far?

This is a tough one. Our passion is to perform live, so we’ve had quite a number of memorable nights playing at some fantastic events. If we had to single out one special moment, I guess it would be the album launch of our debut album. The night was a huge success, we had a packed venue for a relatively new band and it sure was a thrill showcasing a number of fresh tracks for the first time to a sizeable crowd.

Your last release was the single ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ which was quite a hit. What have you been up to since then?

We’ve had to deal with a line-up change since the release of Smoke and Mirrors. At the time of JP’s departure, the band had already been considerably shifting towards a more guitar-oriented sound and was gradually moving away from the synth/keyboard sound. Despite the significant change, Giuseppe joined the band and blended in beautifully. So since ‘Smoke and Mirrors’, we were focusing on re-working much of our stuff in the new ‘2 guitarists’ format and we have been writing and recording our upcoming album which we plan to release early next year.

Your new single ‘Paint The Sky’ will be launched on the 4th of June. What can you tell us without revealing too much about this new track and video?

It’s the first track to feature Giuseppe’s input on guitars and it comes through! The music is upbeat and we believe that it captures the summer vibe. The songs talks about two unlikely lovers who want to love to the full. About the video, we’re going to remain a bit tight lipped on that one other than it’s looking awesome!😊 –

What do The Crowns have in store for us in the coming few months?

We have a number of live gigs coming up this summer which we will be announcing from time to time and expect more original music later on this year, with an album on its way beginning 2019.




Photo by David ‘dp’ Attard

Logo designed by White Noise

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