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Dear readers, hold on tight cos this 15 year old is about the blow you away.

This guy is going places, he’s got such a smooth deep voice which is unbelievable for his age.

In just one day he has gained over 1000 views on each track and with songs like these I have no doubt the views will just keep going up. I mean honestly I am still overwhelmed with his talent, the songs have such a deep story behind them (again keep in mind how young he is) and the melody and beats on them will just leave you in awe.

Cosmic Heaven will be his debut album and wow what a great way to kick off his career. His mentor is the talented Glen Vella and producing his tracks is the super talented Aldo (proud niece moment here)

I cannot wait to hear more stuff from this guy in the years to come. Have a listen and get ready to fall head over heels in love with him.



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