So last week I received a surprise invitation to The Busker’s listening party which was held at the stunning Hammett’s Macina Restaurant in Senglea. Throughout the evening we got to exclusively have a listen to their second album. 

Ladies and Gentleman I have been listening to this album for these past few days in my car, wishing I owned a Cadillac and driving Miles Away with My Darling In Paradise along the US coast. These guys have a distinctive sound which you could either love or hate…Me?…well I have had a Sweet Love towards their music for a while now.

Their music transports you back to the 50’s and 60’s with the sounds of The Beach Boys (Surfin’ up in particular) and The Beatles era – Dario has a hint of a John Lennon timbre in his voice which I only noticed in this album. LWCTW one of my faves and ooohhh there is also a very unexpected special collaboration on Everybody Tonight which I am sure you will love 🙂 All you Sallys’ and Maryannes’ out there get ready to feel special cos’ there’s a song with your names on them.

The album will be officially launched on the 30th of November at the Orpheum Theater in Gzira. Tickets can be purchased from Ticket Arena

Get ready to Boogie Woogie the night away as this event will be no Bed Tale that’s for sure.

For the time being until you get your hands on the album ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ you can have a listen to their latest track;


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