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On the 26th of January viewers of the X Factor Malta witnessed a magical collaboration and for the first time ever, a name other than Ira Losco’s was being chanted while she was on stage and that name was Owen Leuellen.

Viewers of the record breaking TVM show-X Factor Malta saw Leuellen progressing from one phase to the other and whose votes ultimately led him to the final live show where he performed with his mentor, the queen of pop – a revamped version of Ira’s latest hit ‘Hey Now’. The performance created a buzz on social media, with the video on youtube instantly going viral and a clip was also shared by the X Factor Global Facebook page.

As announced by Ira’s manager and fellow judge Howard Keith on Xarabank a few weeks ago, the new version of ‘Hey Now’ has been recorded and has hit the radio airwaves. With thousands of people waiting for this release, it will surely be a ground breaking hit. Infact it went straight up to #1 on 89.7 bay’s Malta Top 10 by Jake Cuschieri.



Owen Leuellen placed 2nd in the first edition of X Factor Malta. He is a star in the making and is surely an artist to keep a close eye on.

Stay tuned for further releases from the X factor contestants and for those that think they have what it takes to be one of the finalists on Season 2 of X Factor Malta – applications are open .





For all the latest updates and info head over to any of the official X Factor Malta social media pages.



Ira Losco Official FB page

Ira Losco Official Instagram

Owen Leuellen Official FB page

Owen Leuellen Official Instagram

X Factor Malta Official FB page

X Factor Malta Official Instagram

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