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So last Friday I have the pleasure to go watch ‘Oh my hairspray’ at Sir Temi Zammit Hall. and my oh my was I super impressed.

This was my first time going to watch a musical that the KSU have done and I honestly can’t believe I never went before.

The impressive thing about this show is that it is all coordinated by university students.



Everything was brilliantly executed from the set design to the live band, from the main performers to the chorus and dancers. The story was based on the hugely popular Broadway musical ‘Hair Spray’ but was adapted to input the Maltese element which made it hilarious. The Script was so witty with on point comedy lines on various local highlights like X Factor, Sarah Zerafa, the Dnegel uprise and xemxija fish. The main cast featuring Ruth Grima (Tracy), Raquel Theuma (Penny), Luke Vassallo (Edina), Shaun Rizzo (Wilbur),Catherine Gatt (Amber), Neil Zahra (Link), Thomas Grixti (Corny), Michela Agius (Velma), Christina Despott + Thea Costa (Legend and Dnegel), Matthew Cassar (Seaweed), Nicole Galea (Lu),Jake Curti (Al), Rebecca Mohanni (Anin) and Ilaria Formosa (Elizabetta) brought that script and musical numbers to life.

Hats off to all involved in this show, those on and off stage, you should all be super proud of what you achieved over this weekend.



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