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Ira Losco has done it again. Yesterday her latest release dropped with a music video for ‘High’ which is from the double album ‘No Sinner No Saint’.

‘You raise me up to shoot me down’ , ‘the emptiness you left for me’, ‘you made the water burn like fire’- these are just a few lines of the song’s lyrics which basically talks about how other’s words affect us. Abuse is not just physical as we all know and words can hurt just as much.

The theme of the video portrays the track’s lyrics to a T in such a beautiful artistic way. I love how the videos for ‘Hey Now’, ‘Bad Habits’ and now ‘High’ all have a story behind them in which viewers can either view as a visual piece of art or go deep into the story behind each and every scene, it’s kind of the same way you can interpret a song at the end of the day, where each individual listening can interact with the lyrics in their own personal way.

Steven Levi Vella and Matthew Muscat Drago I cannot find good enough words to praise you. Ms. Losco keep pushing them boundaries as high and far as you possibly can as you always do.

#High #StopLabels #StopPrejudice #Freedom




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