Kevin Paul is neither a new name nor an unfamiliar face in the local music scene. After a string of cover releases and a collaboration with Shedona and Gaia Cauchi ,back in March he debuted his first original single ‘ONE’ which was a self-penned love letter to his now ex-girlfriend. ‘ONE’ proved to be a hit on local airwaves and Kevin has now become a household name with an ever growing fan base.


Now comes his self-penned follow up track produced by Siconix  ‘ IDWK – I don’t wanna know’, which is an edgier track that shows off Kevin’s melodic vocals and will surely be an end of summer hit. The lyrics which were written by Kevin himself along with the vocal melody, revolve around the choice of self-love and self-respect when you’re in a one sided relationship in which you’re giving more than you’re receiving and one day you wake up and realise you deserve more so you ‘Don’t wanna know’ about the excuses and choose YOU over anything else.

‘IDWK’ has just been released along with a music video by one of the most sought after directors- Steven Levi Vella,who is the man behind a long list of perfectly executed artistic music videos.



The rest of 2019 is set to be a busy and exciting time for Kevin with gigs planned both around the island and beyond our shores whilst he is also working on a few collaborations with other artists as a songwriter.

Stay tuned on his latest releases and performances by following his official social media pages.




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