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Hundreds of Maltese people have needed accommodation in the UK whilst undergoing treatments in London hospitals and the Puttinu apartments in Sutton were offered for the patients and their families at absolutely no cost.

Around 90 patients a month ranging from newborns to the elderly are travelling to the UK for treatments and the need of more apartments keep growing. The length of stays needed vary from a few weeks to a couple of months and even years depending on how long the treatment is needed for. Right now there is a 3 year old girl who is waiting for a liver transplant and has been residing in one of the apartments for 2 years.

I have no doubt that all of us know someone or has someone very close to us that has needed Puttinu’s aid and has needed to stay in one of these apartments. Without the help of Puttinu most of them would have probably not been able to travel to the UK to get the needed treatments due to expenses being too high because let’s face it, living in London is not cheap. Apart from providing the accommodation, Puttinu also pays for all the bills for gas,water,electricity,internet, TV, insurance,council tax and any maintenance which add up to thousands of pounds.

I always believe that charity begins at home and this is one of those causes that really needs our help. Every little counts and between the 13th and 15th September you can do your part during the 60hr football and volleyball marathon which will be held at the Marsa Sports Grounds while also enjoying a bit of entertainment whilst doing so.

Friday 13th will have DJ’s Pierre Cordina, Ziggy, Alex Grech and Carl Bee


Saturday 14th will feature a set by The Travellers and party hosted by Frank, Colin Fitz and Simon B from Terry Time


Sunday 15th will be the final show and will feature Michela Pace; Owen Leuellen Petra; Nicole Frendo; Janvil; Jade; Mike Spiteri; Amber; the cast from Klassi Ghalina, Puse’ and Joe Demicoli‬


So grab your friends and family and head on down to Marsa Sports Ground and enjoy the weekend with all the entertainment planned out and give a helping hand to Puttinu so that they can keep doing the good they are doing to fellow Maltese families who truly are in need of our support in those dark times.

These are some of the people and families Puttinu have helped and are helping;



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