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2019 was the year the name Leuellen was chanted countless times at the MFCC during the X Factor Malta’s season 1 live shows and won people’s hearts with his charming smile. It was the year he became the king of rap, got hip hop to the top 4 ,made his revamped version of Shazam’s Ahseb fit-tifel a radio hit and featured on Ira Losco’s re-release of ‘Hey Now’ – ‘He the man Owen Leuellen’ became a slogan.



Since placing 2nd on X Factor Malta season 1, Owen has performed all over the islands, started working on his debut album and also made an appearance with F.A.I.T.H as a guest performer for the final live show of season 2.



This evening Owen Leuellen dropped his much awaited debut music video for his new track ‘My Time’ which has been directed by Steven Levi Vella.

Owen Leuellen is no ‘one hit wonder’ and is without a doubt here to stay.



You can catch Owen performing at this Saturday’s Malta Music Awards taking place at the MFCC. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet be sure to get yours now from Shows Happening and support the amazing talent these islands have to offer.




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