Events have been postponed, gigs cancelled and music releases mostly came to a halt. Local artist spend a lot of time and money to create music that we get to enjoy. Due to the Covid-19 situation almost all sources of income for musicians and artists has stopped too.

When all this is over I urge every music lover to support these artists to get back on their feet ,keep creating the music we all love and bring us all together to celebrate the magic they create.

The ‘Lockdown Chat’ today is with Dav Jr- X Factor Malta Season 2’s heartthrob. The guy that stole all our hearts with his infectious smile,good looks and smooth voice. Dav is an artist who shined from his first room audition. He made it to the live shows and gave every performance his own unique sound and touch. Recently he released his new track ’90’s tape’ which has a heartfelt message. His voice and beautiful melodies make him stand out from the crowd and you can instantly recognise his sound from the first note.


Dav, where did your love for music come from?

I really do not know how to answer that question, sometimes I am able to pinpoint it to a moment in my life where I felt the overwhelming power of music. Other times I just felt that I gravitated towards it the way we are naturally drawn to things that we innately are attracted to.

One of my earliest memories was surely at the age of 7, me drawing a picture of me holding a guitar, telling my dad that when I grow up I wanted to be like David Gilmour from Pink Floyd. This was way before I had learnt any instrument.

What is for sure is that I am mostly influenced by bands and artists my dad listened to when I was growing up, as he blasted his stereo speakers early every Sunday morning giving the whole household a mood.


We’ve seen you on X Factor Malta season 2 doing mostly original tracks and recently you released your new track ‘90’s Tape’… What’s your process for writing?

My songs usually start as a frustrated thought that I wouldn’t have a way of letting out. Most of the time I would be either playing the guitar and a melody sparks with an idea of what the lyrics can be about. The biggest hurdle for a song to be finalised is usually my self-critical thoughts that an idea is not good enough to work. However lately I’ve really worked on allowing ideas to materialise in their glory and try to execute them the best way possible.


You’ve performed in various venues and events throughout these last few years. What difference do you feel when performing in front of a small and a large crowd? Which do you prefer?

I get intimidated by smaller crowds; that’s a given. But the satisfaction of captivating those few people’s attention is definitely rewarding.  Bigger crowds are a different story, usually when the crowd is bigger, the stage is bigger, and there is much more personal space to help you feel comfortable. However bigger crowds are harder to invite into your mood in order to captivate their full attention. I can’t use X factor as the best reference since it was very contained with rehearsed conditions . However at last year’s Farsons Beer Festival, I felt the different role I had to take up with a bigger crowd.

What can you tell us about ‘Songsmith’, the new venture with Matthew James?

The idea of Songsmith sparked after having the opportunity to work with Matthew James during my time in X factor. Our main goal for Songsmith is to share what we have learnt to know through our time learning our craft writing songs.  Primarily we were planning on offering workshops and one to one classes on the subject aiming to guide anyone who is interested towards creating their own work.

Ever since, the COVID-19 pandemic restrained us from having these planned sessions, we moved on to materialise our idea online. More information will be out soon on our Facebook and instagram page, so anyone who is interested can stay tuned by liking our pages!

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A local artist you would like to collaborate with if you ever had the chance?

The list is surely never-ending! I’ve had the opportunity to get to know so many brilliant artists during X-Factor that I would love to write with. Gio, Celine, Matt Blxck. Then there is Michela Pace who I really would love to explore our voices together.

Your message to your fans out there during this time?

This time is very very particular, none of us were ever prepared for it, so do not expect yourselves to know how to handle it. It’s a given to try and stay as safe as possible, keeping your loved ones safe too. Try not to stress yourselves too much with all the bad news available, allow yourselves the time to familiarise with this new reality and be kind to yourselves through positive habits!




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